Sunday, September 30, 2012

Midi Bag Finish

The Midi bag is finished! The bag is bright and ready to carry anyones daily needs. The Midi would make a great purse or just a tote bag. The colors I chose for this bag are some of my favorite bright colors.

I made the fabrics in this bag line up all the way around the bag. It only took me a few minutes of hard thinking and one quick search on google images to figure out how I needed to place the squares to make it happen.

After yesterday's post, I left off with having my fabric fused to the interfacing. After you have your fabrics placed wherever you would like them, you fuse down the squares. Once your fabrics are fused, you simply fold the squares over on the first short dotted line. You will sew 1/4" from this line on the solid line.

I chain sew my panels, so I can save a little thread. The Quilt Smart Company has made a great project for both a beginner and advanced quilter to use. This method was a great time saver that created very accurate piecing. I love this new bag and believe there will be many more in my future!

Happy Sewing


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