Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Do I Find the Time?

Well, I wave my magic wand and the rest of the world falls away. It's just my fabric, my machine and me. O.K., back to reality! There is no magic answer. What works for me will not work for everyone. How do I manage 4 children (one in college), a full time job, a husband, cooking every night, a multitude of sporting events, the list goes on and on? Every day is different, but unfortunately there is no magic wand. Time for the things I like to do is not found, it is made. 

First, I watch very little TV. I like TV, but in order to have time to do the things I love, like sew, read and write, I don't use the little time I have watching TV. Sometimes I do watch Netflix, while I am at my sewing machine, that way I can get some sewing done at the same time.


Second, I have learned to let some things go. This means that my house does not have floors that we can eat off of. Who wants to do that anyway? My house is clean most of the time, but it has that lived in feeling. There are piles of things around the house that don't always get put away like they should. A question I always ask myself is will my kids remember that their clothes were always put away immediately or that I spent the evening making them a dress while they helped me pull out the pins? Usually I believe that they will remember making something with me, like a dress or some cookies.


Third, I don't always win the time battle, sometimes I lose. There are always a million things to be done and often they seem more important than the time I spend doing the things that I like to do. After a little while, I remember that I am a much nicer, calmer, and peaceful person when I take the time to do the things, like sewing, that I enjoy.


However you find make the time to do the things you love, whether it is golfing, baking or sewing. I hope you are able to do something that you love. It brings so much peace to be able to sew and craft!


Happy Sewing (or whatever floats your boat)


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