Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bandana Skirt

My 9 year old saw another pair of girls at church wearing a matching bandana dress and skirt. She has been wanting an outfit to match with her little sister. When I discovered who made the outfit, I immediately sent her a message asking her for the pattern/tutorial. She was kind enough to send me a link to the blog here: http://alphamom.com/family-fun/holidays/talk-like-a-pirate-day-crafts/

I was going to put the skirts together for church this Sunday, but that didn't work out, so here is the one I finished. I just love the sassy pose, mostly because I know that she is not a sassy girl, just silly!

She is so creative that it is hard for the two of us to work together sometimes. I get a picture of what I want a project to look like and she gets a completely different picture in her head, let the head butting begin. I wanted to make the skirt from two of the same bandanas. She wanted 4 different ones. For once we compromised, it is made from 2 different bandanas.

One cool little trick that I learned from this project was that when using the bottom of a t-shirt for the top of the skirt, there is no need to create an elastic casing, it was already made for me!! Note: the bottom of the t-shirt was left over from my oldest daughter's t-shirt quilt.

The next item on my sewing agenda is to convince the 4 year old that I need to use her bandanas for a skirt. She is insistent that I am not going to use them to make a skirt. These are the kinds of obstacles that I have to overcome to get my sewing supplies and use them.

I had fun putting this together and I do love the smile it puts on my girl's face.

Happy Sewing


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