Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lorax Pillowcase

Tonight I put together the other pillowcase kit that I bought on my shopping spree at The Quilt Patch. Pillowcases are such quick and fun projects, I had this one all finished before dinner needed to be started. When my nephew was born, I made him a Dr. Seuss quilt with all of the wonderful characters from the master rhymer's book. When I saw the kit for this project, I thought it would be a perfect gift to match the quilt.


I made this case with a combination of 3 pillowcase patterns I have used in the past and a little of my own inspiration. The seams are all enclosed, so there will be no raveling on the inside! The two major seams were made with a french seam. A nifty trick I learned at a 4H workshop!

In spite of my scissor happy helper (the 4 year old), the project is together and ready for Christmas. My little one has really taken a liking to my squeeze scissors. She was snipping my threads before I was able to get the seams sewn. I love it when she helps me out, but am starting to get a wee bit nervous about her new found obsession. Maybe it is just part of becoming a little quilter, I can only hope!

Two gifts down, only a few more to go! Christmas here I come.

Happy Sewing


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