Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Placemat Using a Lonely Quilt Block

As I said yesterday, there is a whole drawer full of unfinished block of the month projects. When I saw the kit for this placemat, a light came on and I thought about this heaping drawer of unused quilt squares. Now that I have finished this placemat, maybe these unloved beauties will find a home in a placemat.

O.K. As I am sewing this placemat, I am learning or relearning a valuable lesson. Sometimes a deal isn't a deal! Luckily, I bought the last two kits they had since there wasn't enough fabric to make the solid green border around the block. Then while assembling, I discovered the measurements were not correct in the pattern. It would have been handy if I had figured this out before I cut, but no. After cutting I discovered all the pieces to set the block were 1/2" short. My first thought was "Could I have stretched it that much?". After checking the math, the answer was no. Again, very grateful I bought 2. While ironing the second setting fabric, much to my dismay I discovered a lovely pen mark on the fabric.

Ugh......I know I shouldn't ask, but what now? After all my grumbling, I had just enough fabric to make all of the setting pieces. Now to dig out some green from my scrap bins for the border on the second placemat.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get it quilted and bound with a little more success:)


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