Monday, January 9, 2012

Rag Bag

My second daughter, 16 years old, has admired one of the bags that I made and carry in the summer.  Every year I try to make something for each of my girls, even when we are super busy, like the year they each got a crocheted chapstick holder.  This year I stepped up my game and they each received 2 homemade gifts from me. 

I learned how to make this rag bag at a 4H workshop for leaders.  It uses 1" strips of fabric and the grid used for latch hooking.  The fabric strips are woven through the grid and it is assembled by tying knots with the hang off of the strips from the front and the sides. 

Her new color of choice is the lime green of the handles.  She loves the bag and I'm sure she will carry it for most of the summer. 

These bags are really fun to put together, since they require very little thought.  An easy project to work on at sporting events, in a doctor's office, or watching TV (do others really have time for this?).

Longing to Sew,

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