Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Beginning of a T-shirt Quilt

One of my daughters graduates this year.  Did you hear me sniffle?  During her years in high school, she has been active in MANY things.  This means that she has tons of t-shirts.  We have been talking about the quilt that I would make from all of these t's since I first learned to quilt, 11ish years ago. 

Now, facing the piles of shirts that need to be cut up, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

It may not look like it, but there are at least 50 shirts here.  This weekend I had her divide the piles into the ones that must be in the quilt down to the ones I would use as fillers.

Now I just have to get all of these shirts cut up and interfacing ironed on by next Thursday night.  Why Thursday, you ask?  Friday I go to a quilt retreat and was hoping to put the top of this puppy together then.  I have my work cut out for me with at least 3 basketball games between now and then!  Let's hope that they all look like this by then!

Six down, only a few dozen more to go.  Did I mention that I have to redesign the pattern because several of her shirts don't fit the 12" blocks that the pattern call for?  I guess if I don't get it all ready before the retreat, I could always do it there. 

So excited to get a weekend of sewing, where I don't have to cook for, clean up after, or bathe anyone but me!


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