Wednesday, January 11, 2012

American Girl Doll Tote Bag

My eight year old received an American Girl Doll, Kit to be specific, for Christmas from Santa.  Fortunately Santa lets me in on his secrets, so I had time to make a cool bag for her to carry her doll and all her stuff around in.

She liked the fabric I used for the Bitty Baby backpack, so I bought some that had the same colors, but a different pattern.  This bag was sewn from the McCall's pattern 5019.  The bag has two sleeves on the inside to put dolls inside of so they will stand up in the bag and help it stay upright.  She only has one doll, but there may be another make an appearance for another holiday.  The hearts on the front were pulled from my extensive collection of scrap fabrics.

Still no new sewing happening here.  I think I need a little more sleep first. 


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