Monday, November 14, 2011

Simplicity Skirt 2226

I never sew clothes for myself!  One of the blogs I follow, Noodlehead, had a sew along last week.  While I don't have time to do this during the week due to my hectic life, I decided to try it out this weekend.  The whole time that I was sewing, I fretted about my fabric choice.  The fabric was a little more busy than I would normally chose for clothing.

As suggested, I made a sample waistband from muslin.  This told me that I needed to make a size 14.  Even though I was a little upset by the number, it was important that the skirt fit, so a 14 it was.  This tutorial was great!!  The steps were super easy to follow and the illustrations were incredibly helpful.

When the skirt was together and I put it on, I discovered that it was WAY too big. it was time to employ my newly acquired alterations skills.  It was necessary to trim 1 1/2" from each side to make it fit properly. 

After much fretting and a little frustration about sizing, I love the skirt.  So does my 17 year old daughter.  That could be because I borrowed her shirt and sweater to wear with it, but she wants me to make her one (success)!

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