Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Pink Dress - Simplicity 2483

I began working on a little pink corduroy dress for Genavieve this Monday (Simplicity 2483).  On day one I cut out the fabric, sewed the front pin tucks and pockets on.  This is the point where I ran out of thread.  URGH! 

Day two started with an emergency stop for thread at my local quilt store on my way home from work.  After all of the normal evening duties, I was able to put in the zipper, finish the seams and complete the collar. 

All that I have to do tomorrow is get the 2nd armhole finished and the hem. 

The zipper was really exciting for me, yes you read this right.  I said exciting!  Last month I took a Prom Dress Techniques class at a 4H workshop.  During this class, I learned how to put in a hidden zipper.  The opportunity to practice on a simpler fabric was wonderful!  Successful installation of a hidden zipper.

Can you see it?

There it is!

The dress had tucks at the top, along the collar.  Tucks are not something that I had tried before.  They were really simple to sew, adding some interest to the collar.

These will be super cute once I wash out the marker.

I am learning new things about sewing, whether for quilts or clothing.  Quilting is my favorite thing to do, but most of the quilting going on here at the moment is for Christmas presents.  Those projects will be posted later, so the recipients are surprised! 

Hope to have the dress finished tomorrow, but we will see what my busy life has in store for me.

Happy Sewing!

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