Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rule Breaking Quilts

I took a class with a friend of mine at a local quilt store for fun.  The class taught us about the techniques in the book Rule-Breaking Quilts by Kathryn Schmidt.  It was a very freeing experience, no measuring, no pattern, no master plan.  Just a few fabrics, a rotary cutter, and a sewing machine. 

If things didn't line up, just cut them off or add a little bit to them.  One great technique I learned was how to cut and sew together long free curvy pieces.  This was accomplished by overlapping the fabrics, cutting the curve and then sewing them together.  It worked great.

As you can see the quilt is still not finished.  My friend has already incorporated her pieces into a quilt, which she has had quilted and given to her daughter.  This makes me think this project should move into the finish soon category. 

This book was a great read, since the author has a wonderful sense of humor.  These techniques will definitely teach you about yourself as a quilter/sewer.  I learned that, while it is fun to let go of the rules and pattern sometimes, I really like to follow the rules.  Knowing how much fabric I need, what the finished project will look like and having a plan of attack, is what I am comfortable with.

I am hopeful that this will become a wall hanging for my "little girls" bedroom (soon).



  1. This post came up on my Google Alerts--thanks for trying my technique and thank your friend for me, too! Maybe you'd like to check out my blog for a little more no-rules fun. However, I know that my approach is not for everyone---I'm just happy that you are a quilter!

  2. Besides learning new things, we had fun. As for finishing the quilt I used my new techniques on, I'm so glad its done but I have a dozen things I started before that quilt that are not done. Lets get together again soon. Miss you and your inspirations.