Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Gift Made by My Husband

This year for Christmas, I was finally given a handmade gift! My husband has recently started to turn pens and other things on the lathe that he got for Christmas last year. He decided that I needed a nice seam ripper. In secret, he ordered the kits and turned the handle for me. The kids were recruited to help with the decision on what to make the handle out of.

Do you see something wrong with this block? I should not sew after midnight. This block is proof. My goal was to finish 10 of my crazy lady log cabin blocks (really called Snake River Log Cabin) before bed. Well, I got tired and put the last log on the blocks upside down. Some people might have been upset, not me! What a perfect opportunity to use my new seam ripper that was lovingly created for me by my husband!!

This seam ripper, called Jack, cut right through the stitches. There are only four more seams to rip out and this handy tool should make it a breeze. The point is small and pointed enough to slip under the stitches without distorting the fabric. Very important for a complicated block like this. It also was small and pointed enough not to pull threads out of the fabric, causing an unwanted hole.

Previously when ripping pieces off of these blocks, I have just thrown them away and started with a new piece. I was worried that the pieces were pulled out of shape by the stitch ripping and would throw the whole quilt off. No worries about that now.

I love this gift and love that my husband made it for me because he understands my crazy love for this hobby. Anyone interested in an awesome seam ripper?

Now to fix those blocks and try to get them finished before my break is over!

Happy Sewing



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