Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snake River Log Cabin Blocks

This Christmas Vacation I have kept busy with many things. Before we left on the last day of school, I made a list of the activities I wanted to do with my kids. We had fun making moon sand, popping packing bubbles, sledding, Battle Ship and a multitude of other fun stuff!

I have spent many hours with the sewing machine also. Over a year ago I started working on a Snake River Log Cabin quilt. This last week of vacation has seen my sewing machine, ironing board and staging area covered with various pieces of fabric ready to be assembled.

This is a picture of all 64 finished blocks for the center section of this quilt. It may not look like much and there is still so much left to sew, but I am so excited. After some quick mathematical calculations, these two piles are made up of 2816 pieces and 3008 seams (only I would be geeky enough to figure it out)!!!!!

This quilt has proven to be a challenge, which is good. The time I have invested in this quilt have prevented me from buying so many other projects to work on. I think I may need to invest in more complicated quilt projects like this one.

I can't wait to start assembling this fabulous quilt!



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