Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retreat Weekend

This weekend was retreat weekend! I look forward to this weekend all year. To make things even better, one of my friends was able to go along with me. Now, I am already anticipating next years retreat. What can be better than a weekend spent in a ballroom with sewing machines humming all around you. The variety of projects is so inspiring.

Here is my sewing station, which is empty because this was taken at about 7 this morning, before everyone else was up. Coffee, check. Mini Iron, check. Sewing machine functioning, check. I was able to put one project totally together except for trimming and borders. Another project was prompty started and is half completed.

This is my sewing partner, Diane. I had so much fun with my roomy. See her finished project, isn't it pretty amazing? This was here first retreat, I sure hope she had fun, so she will come back with me next year!

The demonstrations given by the retreat hostess, Kathy, were all focused on scraps. I purchased a Quilt in a Cup, which I hope to get done in the next few weeks. The others were very inspiring, but I try to wait on purchases. I did however stop at The Quilt Patch in Tecumseh, Michigan my FABULOUS local quilt store. My allowance has been spent.

While I did miss my little people and my husband immensely, it was awful fun to sew all weekend with no house cleaning, cooking, bath giving, basketball practice...

It was a fun and productive weekend, but now it is time to get my stuff put back away so I can get back to the normal sewing. The five minutes I can squeeze out between fixing dinner and folding laundry.



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