Sunday, January 13, 2013

Progress Has Been Made

Snake River Log Cabin, Snake River Log Cabin, Snake River Log Cabin... This has been the focus of the last few weeks in my world. Only 10 more blocks to sew. Only 300 more red and cream inch and a half squares to sew together. I think these are the only thought I have been having for the last little while.

My sewing area has been a disaster of piles, chains and boxes (used to organize the pieces).

Chains on the ironing board.

Chains to my right.

Chains to my left.

Box to my left with yet more chains! Not to mention the life juice, coffee!

Today I was able to put together all of the rows for my quilt and even put two of those rows together! The results are stunning. I can not wait until I get this together. I am starting to remember why I loved this quilt so much that I thought I needed to buy the kit and make it!

Please excuse the crummy picture, but I was too excited not to share. I am hoping to have this put together in time for show and tell at quilt retreat this weekend. We will see if that happens, since it is the end of the semester and grades need to be finished.

Who needs sleep anyway?



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