Sunday, December 30, 2012

We Three Kings

Over Thanksgiving weekend (doesn't that seem like 100 years ago?), I decided to finally open the package on the Three Kings paper piecing project. I bought this kit with the pattern at least 10 years ago. Since then I have been graced with two more daughters. This meant that my passion for sewing and quilting was put on the back burner.
Fast forward 10 years. The little people are big enough to play independently for longer periods of time, which means that I am able to dig through all of the projects I bought with the intention of completing. As I scoured the drawer of potential sewing endeavors, this one caught my attention.
After opening the bag, I dared myself to complete it by Christmas. I spent several nights sewing fabric to paper in blissful denial of all the shopping that I needed to do. Paper foundation piecing makes so many things possible that otherwise would be impossible.
When I completed the wall hanging, I decided to quilt it with metallic silver thread to match the silver stars in the background. This was a fun project that demanded attention to detail and a sense where the fabric would end up when it was folded out. Some nights this proved more than my brain could handle, so I enlisted the geometrical mind of my husband. Boy, he sure comes in handy!
We Three Kings was the most requested carol this Christmas season. Maybe by next year we can get the hardware hung up to hang this beautiful piece.
Happy Sewing

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