Sunday, October 21, 2012

Have You Ever Been Short of Fabric

I had so much fun putting together the Halloween placemats that I thought I could use the Christmas fabric I have in my stash to make another set. So out came my small pile of Christmas fabrics to audition for the part. I found the perfect pieces for the top, then had to scrounge for a piece large enough to make the backings of the placemats. The large piece was left over from a rug that I made several years ago.

First, I cut the backing, just to make sure I had the right amount. I was hoping to make six, since that is how many are in the family, but there was only enough for four. Now, onto the fabrics for the top. I had measured each piece carefully to make sure there was enough yardage to make the project. When I opened each piece, I quickly remembered that I had used these to back stockings, since there was a piece missing in the shape of a stocking. Oh My!! Strategically cutting and careful measuring, allowed me to get enough of the fabric for the centers and thin border. I was hoping to have enough to get the outer border since I had the right number of strips.

As you can see, there was only enough red wreath fabric to complete three of the placemats. Fortunately, there was a small piece of cream fabric with the same wreaths on it in my stash. This will become the placemat of honor. I am positive my children will fight over this one!

So, there was not quite enough fabric to make all of them exactly the same. So what! They are great and will be used often.

What will I sew this week? Not sure yet. Oh, my prep areas are mostly clean, which is a huge improvement over last week!

Happy Sewing


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