Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tackling My Gremlins

There are gremlins in my sewing spaces. I know it couldn't have been me that made this gigantic mess! Maybe I could blame my children. So this is how my work surfaces get when I am spending almost all of my free time sewing. Who wants to spend time picking up, when creating the projects is so much more fun?

This is my cutting table. There is an overfull bin of fabrics that I have used on recent projects, perhaps I should sort out those scraps and put them away. The bin is so full the fabrics have seeped across the table to create several more piles of recently used scraps. If I put all of these away, it might be easier to cut projects out and lay them out when I am ready.

This is my staging area. There are new purchases that are waiting to be put away, projects in progress and other things that find their home here. Do you like my phone? My little one likes to sit with me, play with me or talk to me while I sew.

Even though this is a part of the creative process, I think we all know what I will be working on this week. This will get picked up this week or I may lose my sanity.

Happy Sewing


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