Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Midi Bag

Tonight is probably the slowest my week gets. The rest of the week is packed full of musical practice, conferences and a football game. So, I thought I would finish up the Midi bag I started this weekend.

This bag is so easy to put together. I think that is what makes it so fun for a busy mama, like myself to make during the week. After working all day and doing the necessary chores at home, my mind is not always at it's sharpest. That might explain me forgetting to leave an opening for turning in the lining. At least I caught it before I had assembled the whole bag!


Don't you just love the purple, gray, turquoise and black together?

The lining is my favorite fabric in this bag. It makes a nice light colored lining, which makes it easier to see inside the bag when digging for keys or chapstick.

Now to go dig through some more of my fabrics to find things to go with the other fabrics I purchased. Who am I kidding, it is time to go pack the lunches.

Happy Sewing


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