Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished Funny Farm quilt

I finished the Funny Farm Quilt ahead of my personal goal.  The binding was added tonight.  It was really exciting because I tried two new binding tricks.  I usually sew my binding onto the front of the quilt and then hand sew the back side of the binding.  This looks great, but takes lots of time that I don't normally have.  This quilt is for a baby and will be used, washed and loved.  I read about this technique and decided that this was the quilt to try it on.  I began by sewing the binding onto the back of the quilt.  Then, I turned it over and machine sewed the binding onto the top of the quilt using a topstitch.  This was a great way to sew on the binding and saved oodles of time. 

When I was most of the way around sewing the binding on the first time, I decided that as long as I was experimenting, let's try a new way to connect the beginning and ending.  Placing both parts of the binding together, I trimmed them with an extra 1/4 inch on each side, sewed them together.  This worked far better than I had hoped and the binding fit perfectly!

This is the finished quilt.  My total of finished quilts for the year is two.  Pretty impressive considering all of the other things I must do!

Just had to add a picture of my little helper.  I found stray pins on every side of the quilt, but who cares?  We were having fun together and another generation of quilters is being created.


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  1. Fabulous pictures! And I'm jealous... Two quilts this year... I need to spend more time quilting!!! :)