Sunday, March 27, 2011

Am I Losing It?

Is it just me or do others forget to get everything on a project list?  I swear everytime I try to work on and finish a project, something is missing.  Today's goal was to make the fat quarter pillowcase dress for Genavieve that I found at Moda Bake Shop.  Everything was going great until I was nearly finished and discovered I forgot to buy ribbon for the ties.  This left me digging through all of my craft stuff to find 5/8" ribbon.  There is none in this house.  So the dress will remain unfinished until I can get to the store for matching ribbon. 

This is not anything out of the ordinary for me.  I get the fabric for the top of a quilt but not the backing until the top is finished, at which point there is nothing out there to match it.  The other thing that I always forget is to buy thread to quilt a quilt.  I will go to the store, buy the backing, sandwich the quilt and be all ready to get started and discover, oops, I forgot the thread.  Maybe it is just everything I have to keep track of, or maybe it's just how I am.  Let's hope next time I start a project, I can remember everything needed to Finish it.

This is what is finished of the dress.  One more trip to the store and it should be finished in 5 minutes.


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