Sunday, June 12, 2011

Giant Snap Bag

The first evening of my summer I sat down and made a gift for my daughter's second grade teacher.  She just had a baby and I thought that one of the snap bags that I made would be handy to keep diapers and wipes easy to find in the diaper bag.  The only problem with that was that the largest bag in the pattern was not nearly big enough, so I had a little math to do before I could sew.  Luckily, I enjoy math.  I think it turned out great and believe that it may be the perfect size to fit my Kindle in so that it doesn't collect all the dirt and gunk from my purse.

I used two fat quarters I bought with good intentions when I was pregnant with my 7 year old. 

Here is the inside stuffed with diapers and a package of wet wipes!

Now I need to go finish the last two block of the month blocks that I have yet to tear the paper off of.


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