Thursday, August 18, 2011


It has been a few weeks since I posted, mainly because we were getting ready for our family vacation to Washington D.C.  The trip was fabulous and I found quilt inspiration all around me.

This is on the ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial.  I think it could be a simple quilt with some complicated quilting in the sashing.

This would be way beyond my quilting skill, but maybe something similar.

The fabulous floors in the Library of Congress also had many quilt worthy patterns.  This was my favorite. 

I must make some of these dresses that my little girls played with at Mount Vernon!  They were adorable and lucky for me, did not have a zipper in the back, just ties.

Our vacation was wonderful and much needed family bonding time.  There is so much to see there that even though we walked our legs off, we still had so much more to see.

Yesterday was spent cutting out the many pieces for a Snake River Log Cabin quilt, which I am sure I will be working on for many years.  There are finally enough pieces cut out that I can begin to sew it together.  I am so excited to turn my sewing machine on and finally get to sew something together again!

Time to get to it!


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  1. I love tessellating patterns like the tile floor you photographed. I enjoy finding something like that and figuring out the way to make a quilt with that look. If you do that one, I'd love if you post the pictures!