Saturday, March 16, 2013

Triple Zippered Pouch

There are baby quilt and t-shirt quilts flying all over this house. With three babies coming this late spring/early summer and my second daughter graduating in May, my quilt obligations are keeping my hopping and my work space a mess! Oh well, I am having a blast putting all of these quilts together. Since none of these quilts are quite finished, I thought I would share one of my side projects. A triple zippered pouch for each of my little girls seemed like the perfect project to use up The Lorax scraps from all of these baby quilts whizzing around my sewing spaces.
If any of you are like me, a little crazy and a lot busy, you will understand that I drool over all of these amazing projects we see in the billion other blogs that we read. The drooling goes on for a long time because time doesn't allow me to make every project I see right away. Anywho, on to the project.
I got the tutorial from here. A triple zip along at A Quilters Table blog. I am not afraid of zippers, unlike my mother and so many other sewers I meet. In the past, I have been a little leary, but my experiences have taught me that it doesn't take anything more than a seam ripper to fix any mistakes that are made.
This time I made a mistake that couldn't be fixed with a seam ripper. I cut the pieces for my first bag an inch too short. Oh well, just make the bag an inch smaller. Each of the girls had a different favorite Lorax print, so we chose scrap pieces to coordinate with their preferences.
Here is the bag that I cut too small. My third daughter loves the orange fabric with the knitting and Lorax. She uses this pouch to carry her money, which she is very good with by the way.
This is the bag with the correct dimensions. This is for my youngest daughter, who has already used it for many things. The most common use has been to carry her crayons. She likes to put the broken ones in the front pouch.
Both of these bags look great and the tutorial was easy to follow. Thank you Debbie for the great tutorial!
After these three baby quilts are finished, I am thinking maybe fabric baskets with the rest of the scraps. I have my eye on a divided basket from Noodlehead (Anna).
Off to sew something for National Quilting Day!

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