Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pillow Shams

O.K.  It has been a long time since my last post.  We have been really busy with basketball, work, playing with children, and the list goes on.  Alright, enough of my excuses, on to the project.

I have a dresser filled with projects in all states.  My goal has been to gradually empty the dresser of it's contents.  Then I can refill it with new projects, how fun!  In the bottom drawer of this dresser several leftover blocks have lived for about 8 years now.  They were just waiting to become pillow shams to match the quilt on my bed.

To start on this project, I had to do lots of math!  I figured and figured and figured these shams.  It is a good thing that I like math. 

I calculated what size borders I would need to make the sham.  The flange that I wanted to have on the outside of the pillow shams didn't quite work out, since there wasn't quite enough fabric.  So, back to the figures.  Once I got the fronts, backs and fabric available to match, these came together nicely. 

They look fabulous on my bed, as you can see.

It really took me this long to blog about these because I had to make my bed, which only happens in the summer. 

More to come soon!


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